Bugs – Good or Bad?

Follow along as we identify bugs in our garden. This is a nest of Fire Ants. They are not usually a problem in the garden but they do farm aphids for honey dew so you may find them on your plants. They do bite. Found on the west coast of the USA the yellow spotted […]

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Lets Talk Soil

Dahlias will grow in any soil type, but they might not thrive in every soil type.  Our soil is clay. Most people think that it is hard to grow dahlias in clay because of its water holding capacity and it is true that clay does pose some challenges but they can be overcome. Clay soil […]

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Dahlia Bread Recipe

Want something to do with the dahlia tubers that do not have “eyes”? Make bread! In the fall when we cut up tubers to store for the winter we save the larger tubers without a growing eye for making dahlia bread. It is best to grind up the peeled tubers just before you add them […]

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Tuber Storage

Over the years of growing dahlias we have wintered over our tubers in many ways. Some ways did not work so well and some have worked great. You can get a lot of advice on storing tubers from dahlia growers, we will share with you how we are doing it now. The way we store […]

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Dividing Dahlia Roots

Many Growers divide dahlia roots differently. This is the way we do it at our farm and it works well for us. Soon after digging your dahlia plant is the best time to divide the roots. The roots are still soft and easy to cut. The one drawback is that it is not as easy […]

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Digging Dahlias

 Before you dig up your dahlia plants, if at all possible let them go dormant for a few weeks. This allows the roots to harden off for the winter and improves their shelf life in storage. Start by removing your supports.    Using a digging fork or shovel, start around ten inches away from the […]

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